Wednesday, 04 August 2021 11:01
Written by Tristan Fulcher

Last Weekend UK Garrison troopers were asked to attend Henrys Happiness Family Fun Day in Milton Keynes to bring some much loved Imperial presence to the proceedings. We love supporting the Henry Allen charity and the Family Fun day kicks off their year. We have missed attending with the COVID restrictions and it was a privilege to be able to return once again.


Pictures from Dave Sinclair

Tuesday, 03 August 2021 11:00
Written by Tristan Fulcher

It has been a long time coming, but we are proud to welcome Trooper Richard TIbbetts TK46116 to the ranks of the UK Garrison.


Welcome Trooper you will do us proud!!


Monday, 02 August 2021 11:00
Written by Tristan Fulcher

Troops were called to deploy to the Cambridge Country Show this weekend to maintain order as the show was reported to be boasting about a fabulous array of country pursuits, children's attractions, lifestyle plus food and drink stands and arena entertainment as well as rural crafters, living history and much more. Clearly an area full of Rebels (None were found.)

Pics by Trist Fulcher

Sunday, 01 August 2021 11:00
Written by Tristan Fulcher


Don't forget with the increase in trooping activity - stay SAFE!!

We care about your protection.

Always report rebel activity to your local imperial outpost no matter how far it is.

You can never be too careful.

Saturday, 31 July 2021 12:57
Written by Tristan Fulcher


Warning the UK Garrison are out and about today at @londonanimecon looking for Rebels, errant droids and Deathstar plans.

You have been warned!!!

Friday, 30 July 2021 11:00
Written by Tristan Fulcher
  • 202107301101
    • Top secret UK Garrison Location Reports for this weekend.
    • Troopers will be patrolling the following areas.
    • Please report any rebel activity to your nearest imperial outpost.
    • 31-Jul-2021
  • * Cambridge Country Show, Cambridge
  • * London Anime & Gaming Con, LONDON
  • * Truro Comic Con & Gaming Festival, TRURO


  • 01-Aug-2021
    * Henry's Happiness Family Funday, MILTON KEYNES
    * London Anime & Gaming Con, LONDON
    * Truro Comic Con & Gaming Festival, TRURO


Future appearances can be see here -

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