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Welcome to the UK Garrison

The UK Garrison is a renowned not-for-profit UK costuming organisation comprising three distinct clubs sharing a passion for building movie accurate costumes, raising money for charity and putting smiles on faces.

The members of clubs within the UK Garrison work together to support national and local charities and good causes.  We do this by appearing in character at events both small and large all across the United Kingdom.  Our aim is to help raise money and awareness of the cause by bringing joy and smiles to countless faces.

  • Join Us – fall in Trooper, experts on stand-by to help you with your costume.
  • Follow Us on Twitter and Instagram to see what we've been doing and find the UK Garrison on Facebook.
  • See Us – the rogue's gallery.
  • Meet Us – find out where the UK Garrison will be appearing next.
  • Book Us – the best decision you will ever make!


The UK Garrison is proud to support the following charities.

The Henry Allen Trust logo Mitchells Miracles Neuroblastoma Charity