A goodbye to Tanya

Saturday, 29 April 2023 14:43
Written by  Wayne Allen

We don't often post such moving and private content, but we felt we had to post the recent experiences of several of our troopers. Many see us at public events like Comic Cons and Celebration and assume that is all we do, but many never realise the other, more private side of our activities.

We are honoured to help. To borrow such an apt phrase from the Mandalorian, This is the Way.

From Mark....

In May 2018, Tanya was diagnosed with terminal cancer.
In August 2019, her twin, Kim, reached out to the 501st Legion, and myself, Gary and Tracey visited her at St Joseph’s Hospice for her birthday.
After all the fun and games, Tanya looked me square in the eyes and said “Just making sure you guys will be at my funeral”
“Lord Vader would be honoured, my Master” I replied
COVID came and went
In August 2022, we once again visited Tanya for her birthday, played with lightsabers and ate cake.
March 2023 came and a message from Kim saying the end was rapidly coming and could we get there….now.
Gary was able to drop everything and get there and I sent a video message the same day.
On the 31st of March, Tanya became one with The Force.
This week, the four of us were able to keep our promise to Tanya and join her on her final journey.


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