Event: The Lions Club of Reading

Saturday, 20 February 2021 08:09
Written by  Tristan Fulcher

We don't just troop......

2021 02 06 1705

The Lions Club of Reading
The fantastic Star Wars 501 Garrison crew have raised funds for Reading by producing superhero face masks. Sold at local hairdressers and barbers this has raised several hundred pounds for Round Up. (Message us if you wish to sell them too).
They are community minded, for many years enthralling Star Wars fans and supporting Reading by appearing at many events such as our Dragon Boat Festivals,
You can support Round up by using any of the 60+ local businesses who have helped raise over £5600 to date to help our vital community services survive and continue through this pandemic.
Our local businesses need our support too, with many keen to hear that you are eager to visit again once they are fully open.
501 Garrison are keen to meet Star Wars fans again soon and would love to hear from you now.


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