Sad loss of one of our members DZ-20153

Monday, 15 February 2021 09:05
Written by  Tristan Fulcher

2021 02 15 0905

On the 20-Dec-2020 Benjamin J. Berry passed on.

Benji (DZ-20153) was a much loved member of the UK Garrison, be it in the role of a mischievous Jawa or the web-slinging superhero Spiderman, Benji brought smiles to all around.

He was driven to inspire joy in the lives of others with his children's hospital visits.

Even more, Benji created the Little Heroes Fund to support children’s bone cancer research.

Benji was committed to making our World a better place.

Benjamin, your smile and bright eyes will now lighten the Hall of the 501st Eternal Legionnaires.

A new star is now shining in the sky.

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