Farewell Simon Brown Troop

Tuesday, 05 November 2019 13:11
Written by  Tristan Fulcher

Today the Imperial Scottish Squad said goodbye to our friend and fellow member of the legion Simon Brown, who sadly passed away on the 23rd October.


Simon was a member of the Rebel Legion who brought a lot smiles on faces with his Admiral Akbar, X-wing, and Boba Fett costumes. A Rebel at heart but a true Star Wars fan.

We’ve known Simon for a number of years along with his partner Shona. We shared plenty of good memories and we know he will be looking upon us when we’re attending events across Scotland.

We must not forget why we do this, family and friendship are the core values of our organisations.

We will miss you Simon. You are now one with the Force.


Sheraz Khwaja
Squad Leader

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