UKG Maul scoops LucasFilm world tour

Saturday, 04 February 2012 00:00
Written by  UKG Command Staff

Marc Freedman, known to his friends as 'Geordi', has been selected by LucasFilm from Mauls over the world to help promote Star Wars: Episode I.

LucasFilm said "We are auditioning Darth Maul costumers around the world for potential Episode I events. These events, which are all TBD at this time, could take place anywhere in the world, with relatively short notice.

"We are looking for Movie-accurate Darth Maul costumers, correct in make-up, costume, and fit physical appearance."

Geordi's horns stood tall and he was one of the lucky Mauls selected by LucasFilm.

His friend Dave Wells, CO of the UK Garrison's Reel Icons and fellow Star Wars costumer, said "Geordi's passion for Maul is clear to see and it's not surprise that he was selected! Geordi is a prime example of the UKG's ethos of attention to detail and drive for screen accuracy"

Geordi said "For me this is 10 years of trooping and this has been a fantastic way to celebrate it! It's another event that shows how special this club is."

Geordi has just departed for Italy where he will be taking part in the Viareggio Carnival, famous worldwide for its incredible floats and huge puppets that parade the town. From Italy, he goes to Vancouver in Canada.

Look out for our globe-trotting Maul in a town near you.

All the UK Garrison Mauls that applied to the LucasFilm call were selected and will be engaged in promotional events over the coming months. Congratulations to Chris Baker Steve Chafe and Tony Velda.

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