IOW Vectis Remnant Squad - Begins

Monday, 22 November 2010 00:00
Written by  Alex howard

As one squad becomes official, another is born...

Vectis Remnant Squad logoFor the last few months UKG members from the Isle of Wight have been steadily going thru the process of applying for 501st Squad status, The Vectis Remnant Squad as they will be known and their Squad Leader Matt Sparling have been working with Scott Steele to ensure every step of the application is complete to avoid any issues along the way. The proposed squad are a great bunch, a bit mad, a little bit 'George' at times!!.... but still UKG. A squad set up on the IOW is a great step for the UKG and gives the team a deserved place on the UKG map.

It gives me great pleasure to inform you that as of this weekend the Vectis Remnant Squad are now Officially starting their 6 month Squad probation as a Squad of the 501st UKG

Congratulation guys (and George). Well deserved.

Alex Howard - UKG CO

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