Imperial Scottish Squad - Official

Monday, 22 November 2010 00:00
Written by  Alex Howard

It gives me great pleasure to announce that the Imperial Scottish Squad is now Officially approved as a Squad of the 501st Uk Garrison and an announcement confirming this will follow shortly from 501st HQ.

Imperial Scottish Squad logoAs many of you know, The Imperial Scottish Squad has been serving it's 6 month probation as part of the requirement to become an Official Squad of the 501st UK Garrison, the team North of the border have worked extremely hard while on this probation period, organising some great events, raising funds for good charities and upholding the standards of the UKG throughout, at the same time building their numbers as a result of their own promotion.

Please join me in congratulating ALL members of this fine Squad on a job well done, fully deserved and I am sure Graham would have been proud.

Let's go to Work

Alex Howard - UKG CO

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