Kamran's Ward cheque presentation

Saturday, 13 December 2014 00:00
Written by  Ginny Tait

Yesterday two Stormtroopers, Gary Hailes (TK 2739) and Steve Buckley (TK 1902), along with our PR Officer Ginny had the humbling experience of visiting Kamran's Ward and meeting a lot of very brave children. We also had the very great pleasure of presenting the ward with a cheque for £5,000.

Kamrans Ward cheque presentationPaul Bullock (TK 3046) has a beautiful daughter, Poppy. Poppy is 3 years old and suffers from Wilm's Tumour, a type of cancer of the kidneys that typically occurs in children. Poppy has had numerous surgeries, which have culminated in her having one of her kidneys removed. She is now receiving chemotherapy which is a huge strain on her and the family. Poppy is currently being treated in Kamran's Ward at the Children's Hospital in John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.

Kamran's Ward is set up specifically to help children with cancer. The ward is brightly decorated and designed for children as some of the patients may be there for months at a time. There are also facilities for parents to stay.

One of the main issues they face is that any toys donated only have a short shelf life as they have to be destroyed for hygiene reasons. With Christmas coming the hospital were looking to raise £2000 to be able to buy new toys for the children.

The UKG is always thought of as family, so we looked at ways we could help. It was decided that all the money we raised at the MCM Comic Con: Birmingham and the UKG Ball in November 2014 would be donated to Kamran's Ward. We managed to raise a fantastic £2,700 which we then decided would be nice to round it up to £5,000 with money from our charity pot.

Paul, Poppy's Dad, brought home to us the importance of supporting Kamran's Ward when he told us that the ward could only afford two iPads, hopefully this money will allow more to be bought so each of the children can enjoy playing on one as they really helped to pass the long days, weeks & sometimes months that they have to spend on the Ward.

We took a lot of photos & nobody escaped us, doctors, nurses, play specialists, families & of course the wonderful brave children themselves all received some Imperial attention.

If you would like to help support The Children's Hospital then please visit their Fund for Children page.

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