The Isle of Wight Garrison!

Saturday, 07 October 2017 22:00
Written by  Gary Hailes

It is with genuinely mixed emotions that I announce the forming of the latest Garrison to join the worldwide 501st Legion. Please welcome the new Isle of Wight Garrison!

I'm sad because the UKG loses the wonderful Vectis Remnant Squad and pleased because they have grown and evolved to a point where they can become an independent Garrison in their own right.
I was there at their inception and helped the then small group become a Squad, under the leadership of Matt Sparling, nearly six years ago. Since then they have grown in numbers and have built a great reputation as a Squad.
It was only natural that in order to continue growing they would need to breakaway and I am proud to have helped that become a reality.
Of course, we will still work together and we shall still see them visit the mainland to troop alongside us as part of the worldwide 501st Legion.
A massive good luck to Steve Revert-West, the current VRS Squad Leader, who will now be the new CO of the Isle of Wight Garrison and congratulations to all of their members from all of the members of the UKG!

Gary Hailes,
CO UK Garrion.

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